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With "FASHION" you should never let your guards down!

Fun Girly net ruffled socks (Black)

I'm at work getting breakfast and a lady walks up to me and tells me that I never let my guards down. I asked, "what do you mean by that?" She then says, "You are always dressed and ready for whatever."

I think when it comes to your look, you should just “NIKE” it (Just do it)! We all have a way of how we like to look but i'm that one person that just can't look in the mirror every few weeks and see the same person, same look, same hair. I love to wow myself. I would pick a look i'm going for rather its for the day or week (I often dare myself on several looks). After figuring out the topic look of the week/day, I would then pick a piece of clothing. In this pic, I chose a more fun girly look and I wanted to wear my net ruffled socks. From there I picked out anything that I felt would go and also made me feel like my look was complete.

When I was a little girl, my mom dressed my sister and I up all the time and we had every ruffle sock there was. I used to go to school dressed in my big dress or skirt and by the end of the day, somehow I would have found a way to tone down the dress code (Tomboy it up). Now I'm looking for ways to brighten it up! No matter where I go, I'll have on something that the average eye could not see on a hanger. If I see a look in the store on the mannequin, I walk right past it. To me that's fashion, it looks good and it's trendy; but I want style. I want "Only me" style. What looks good in the window at a store may not look good on me. I know how I want to look and feel.

Off the shoulder sheer top with sequin skirt and heels

"With Fashion you should NEVER let your guards down! Get you a mannequin, dress that mannequin as the best dress of the week and as you dress yourself everyday for work or whatever it is you spend most of your hours; make sure that look is as equal as that mannequin or better!"

-MoNeek Nicole

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